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February 3, 2024 

MGA Handbook updated to version:  V_8.2_02032024

Page 7, Crown Standardization – Updated City Tiara pricing


Page 9, Section 3 – Allowance of transgender men


Page 23, Section J of Attire – Appropriate costuming on stage


Page 23, Section I – Tattoo visibility 


Page 59 – Talent description.  Decreasing talents to a maximum of 6 minutes.

January 6, 2024

Price update

Due to price increases on tiaras, crowns, and sashes the following have been adjusted.  

Gold City Tiara increased from $410 to $450

Nickel City Tiaras increased from $345 to $385

Annual Prelim Fee increased from $930 to $980, State crowns increased $103 and sashes increased by $10.  


March 21, 2023

New handbook uploaded.  Corrections to grammar made throughout.  

Updated appointment section

Corrected point deductions (Admin Points) to work with new scoring as well as added a cheating clause to the admin section.  

Franchise fee and crown price increase

Effective starting March 22, 2022

Miss Gay America franchise fee was increased in the contract to $930 effective March 22, 2022.  This is due to the cost of materials for the crowns going up in cost.  When we purchased Miss Gay America the cost of a prelim was $1200, we reduced it to $825 and maintained that price until this time.  Crown prices went up in 2018 and we maintained that price and absorbed the cost.  Our cost was $390 and due to the cost of goods increasing went up to $507 in March of 2022.  

City Crowns prices were also increased 30% due to the cost of materials increasing.  

Handbook updated 02152022

Update to the handbook on updated scoring for 2022.  

Starting on page 50 of the handbook a description to the subcategories and percent of total score for each subcategory is defined and explained.  Also included is an updated copy of the the score sheet.  


Handbook updated 10092019

Update to the handbook on the use of substances that impact the stage such as liquids and powders.  

Liquids may be used in talents as long as they do not make contact with the stage surface.  Any substance used that impacts the stage (Substances such as water, oil, hairspray, syrup, makeup, powder, that may make the stage surface slippery or sticky) and  the safety of the contestants or entertainers will be a 100 point deductions, for reasons such as safety, and time to clean the stage causing delay to the show.  This does not include things like rhinestones, fringe, sequins, or feathers that may fall off of a costume and quickly swept away.  


Handbook updated 11052018


The following adjustments have been made:


  1.  Admin points earned during preliminary competition no longer carry over to final night during multi day pageants including nationals.  Points issued during preliminary or final night will be applied to that specific set of scores of the pageant.  

  2. Tattoo update to Gown and Talent…  Tattoos may not be visible during evening gown, they must be covered by the gown or with makeup.   Tattoos may be shown whether real or fake during talent if it’s part of a costume or “look” to fit the talent.  Example impersonating an artist that has tattoos…

  3. Presentation is no longer judged at city, state, and regional preliminaries.

  4. Titleholder fee of $300 has been updated in the handbook to match the contract.  


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